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Head office London, United Kingdom

ZANNI GROUP, under whose trademark all affiliated companies and suppliers work, is standing for ENGINEERING FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT.

It is not just a saying or an assertion to work on solutions.

We are a merger of globally networked companies and a problem solver when it comes to environmental protection issues.

The ZANNI GROUP has been globally active since 1994. Before 1997, the owners of ZANNI + PARTNER worked at the national level in the areas of asbestos removal and decontamination of contaminated sites, among others. 

ZANNI GROUP Branch office Bochum, Germany

In that time Mr. Zanni also participated in the development of new technologies in the power plant sector. Here, the company has acquired a broad technical KNOW-HOW, which still flows also into the development of modern incineration plants. 

Our international network supports you with efficient project management.

The core competencies of the ZANNI GROUP are spread over four business areas:

1. Consulting and Services
2. Environmental Protection
3. Combustion Plants
4. Gas Stations and Valves  

The dependencies and interdependencies of the business areas Consulting and ServicesEnvironmental Protection and Combustion plants are obvious. Many areas complement each other and enable us to find holistic solutions for the problems you have brought to our attention.

Consulting and products not only stand for organisational, structural and strategic development, but also for complex quality-, project-, planning- and logistics solutions.

We are therefore able to offer excellent products that meet your and our expectations of long-lasting QUALITY.

ZANNI GROUP employees and freelancers have all the necessary skills and qualifications in their respective business areas.

Our quality principles and our business philosophy ensures sustainable added value for our customers.

Our customer portfolio ranges from international companies to government organizations.

Business areas on a short view: